Spend money at Smoothie King? Here’s Ginger X Kale Smoothie Recipe!

ginger   X  kale

1½ cup of Kale

½ cup of Ginger (5-10g) (5 gram will be better for people who have never tried ginger..)

½ cup of Apple

½ cup of Orange

½ cup of water or coconut water

¼ cup of Ice

¼ cup of Honey

Benefits of Kale

1. Benefits for preventing cancers! (Bladder, breast, colon, ovary, and prostate.

2. Detoxification system because of glucosinolates
Benefits of Ginger
1. Anti-Inflammatory effects
2. Immunization
3. Less gastrointestinal distress
Want to know more about the benefits of ginger and Kale? Visit http://www.whfoods.com/ and search Ginger and Kale!
 병Ben Lee

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