Use Foursquare to promote local farmers’ products?

Try to make people interested in looking and buying local products.

foursquare new logo 

Foursquare is a smart phone application that enables users to search and find out great places. Searches can be about restaurants, shops, coffee shops, nightlife, and etc. After the search is done, the app will offer the list of places near the users’ locations.

One way for local farmers to advertise healthy, organic products is to have their market  listed on the Foursquare app. therefore,  when a user searches “organic” or “healthy” foods items, he or she can see the farmers’ market as one of the search results. Also, for the users who actually made purchases in the market, they will be rewarded with points or coupons that they can use to receive special gifts or use them as discount points during special days. If users are satisfied with the market’s products, they will place positive ratings, share the market place with other users on the Foursquare service, and carry out the word of mouth to others, which make it easier for the local farmers to promote their products to others.

by Paul Yoon


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