Greenfoodmarketing? Use SNS and Contest (Gamification)

As a student majoring in marketing, I was  thinking about a ‘creative’ method that can stimulate people in online. “How can marketers promote green foods online?” That was the original question we had. For the last two months, we uploaded several green food recipes. Consequently and causally, the number of unique visitors increased significantly! Great!!!

Thus, we found people are interested in Recipes! According to Prof. Berger’s book, Contagious, there are Six STEPPS to contagious contents!

1. Social currency   2. Triggers   3. Emotion  4. Public  5. Practical Value  6. Stories

Maybe… recipes are contagious and interesting due to ‘practical value and social currency.’

However, I don’t think organic food retailers are doing well in terms of using SNS to generate contagious contents… Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.23.19 PM

Only 3% of total traffic are generated through SNS. NOT GOOD!

There’s one solution for that! Using contest (Gamification) on SNS! By holding contest on SNS, organic food retailers can increase people’s awareness, engagement, and WOM!

Byeonggwan Lee


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