How about Gamification?? with Organic Food Marketing

When marketing healthy foods,  many individuals mention the word “organic” as a way to indicate that their products are fresh and trustworthy and hence attract potential customers. However, “organic” itself is no longer considered as a huge buzz word that can trigger people’s interests in healthy foods. It can lead to lower awareness and then contribute to low engagement by simply stating “organic”. Somehow, it should be differentiated.

Then, try “Gamification” on Organic products.

Picture example:

Business Gamification Example Green Giant

For instance, healthy food retailers or farmers incorporates their  products into a game. The game has some aspects of their products. The game consists of multiple missions that make customers or users engage with the products indirectly and directly; they complete the game missions and receive rewards in return. The rewards can be coupons, promotions, or small monetary rewards. Further information regarding Gamification are discussed in the following sites.


by Paul Yoon


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