How about Gamification?? with Organic Food Marketing

When marketing healthy foods,  many individuals mention the word “organic” as a way to indicate that their products are fresh and trustworthy and hence attract potential customers. However, “organic” itself is no longer considered as a huge buzz word that can trigger people’s interests in healthy foods. It can lead to lower awareness and then contribute to low engagement by simply stating “organic”. Somehow, it should be differentiated.

Then, try “Gamification” on Organic products.

Picture example:

Business Gamification Example Green Giant

For instance, healthy food retailers or farmers incorporates their  products into a game. The game has some aspects of their products. The game consists of multiple missions that make customers or users engage with the products indirectly and directly; they complete the game missions and receive rewards in return. The rewards can be coupons, promotions, or small monetary rewards. Further information regarding Gamification are discussed in the following sites.


by Paul Yoon


Greenfoodmarketing? Use SNS and Contest (Gamification)

As a student majoring in marketing, I was  thinking about a ‘creative’ method that can stimulate people in online. “How can marketers promote green foods online?” That was the original question we had. For the last two months, we uploaded several green food recipes. Consequently and causally, the number of unique visitors increased significantly! Great!!!

Thus, we found people are interested in Recipes! According to Prof. Berger’s book, Contagious, there are Six STEPPS to contagious contents!

1. Social currency   2. Triggers   3. Emotion  4. Public  5. Practical Value  6. Stories

Maybe… recipes are contagious and interesting due to ‘practical value and social currency.’

However, I don’t think organic food retailers are doing well in terms of using SNS to generate contagious contents… Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 11.23.19 PM

Only 3% of total traffic are generated through SNS. NOT GOOD!

There’s one solution for that! Using contest (Gamification) on SNS! By holding contest on SNS, organic food retailers can increase people’s awareness, engagement, and WOM!

Byeonggwan Lee

Use Foursquare to promote local farmers’ products?

Try to make people interested in looking and buying local products.

foursquare new logo 

Foursquare is a smart phone application that enables users to search and find out great places. Searches can be about restaurants, shops, coffee shops, nightlife, and etc. After the search is done, the app will offer the list of places near the users’ locations.

One way for local farmers to advertise healthy, organic products is to have their market  listed on the Foursquare app. therefore,  when a user searches “organic” or “healthy” foods items, he or she can see the farmers’ market as one of the search results. Also, for the users who actually made purchases in the market, they will be rewarded with points or coupons that they can use to receive special gifts or use them as discount points during special days. If users are satisfied with the market’s products, they will place positive ratings, share the market place with other users on the Foursquare service, and carry out the word of mouth to others, which make it easier for the local farmers to promote their products to others.

by Paul Yoon

ASAP: Local Food, Strong Farms, and Healthy Communities

Marketing Your Farmers Market:

This video presentation looks at increasing customers and sales at farmers markets through marketing, outreach, promotion, and social media. Content includes examples and ideas as well as logistics for each of these components.

Customer development, resources, and references

While markets often have limited budgets for marketing and advertising, there are a number of affortable options that will help spread the word.

Farmers’ Market Promotion Program:Farmers Market Promotion Program Grants

The training modules and resource information presented in our Host a Farmers Market section were developed through a series of workshops funded by the Farmers Market Promotion Program, USDA, and Agricultural Marketing Service.

ASAP worked in partnership with farmers market managers, leaders, and vendors, including members of the Mountain Tailgate Market Association, to provide training and education on best market practices.

Find your farmer at ASAP’s CSA Fair! 

CSA Signup

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture): ASAP’s CSA Fair is an opportunity to meet farmers face-to-face and learn more about their CSA programs and products. Sign up to learn more from farmers, or bring your checkbook to subscribe on the spot!

Business of Farming Conference:

ASAP’s Business of Farming Conference is a day of learning and networking for those involved in local food and farming.

Each year, approximately 250 area farmers, agriculture professionals, and business and marketing specialists attend tailored 90-minute workshops, meet with restaurant and wholesale buyers, tour Warren Wilson’s farm and garden, and celebrate the start of the season.

ASAP’s primary focus areas for consulting services include:


  • Conducting community-based local food and farm assessments
  • Replicating key leverage strategies for building and scaling local food systems
  • Providing guidance to maximize the impact of local food branding and promotional campaigns
  • Training and program development for Farm to School projects
  • Supporting increased accessibility of farmers markets, including ways to establish and manage EBT programs
  • Conducting outcomes-based, user-centered program and/or project evaluations
  • Engaging stakeholders in strategic planning around actionable steps for local food system development
  • Organizing, training, and providing ongoing support to local food working groups
  • Providing professional presentations, workshops, trainings, and reports

How would Freshfarm Markets @ Foggy Bottom market its products in Digital Platform?

How would Freshfarm Markets @ Foggy Bottom market its products in Digital Platform?

IDEA #1. Well, it has its own website! However, this website is not MOBILE website, a website URL starting with ‘M.’ provides valuable demographic information of Washington D.C.

포기바틈 (Foggy Bottom) 에 있는 재래시장 활성화 방법엔 뭐가있을까?

1. 재래시장 웹사이트가 존재한다! 우와.. 근데 모바일전용 웹사이트는 없다!! (M으로 시작하는…e.g.

City-data는 워싱턴 디씨 지역의 인구정보를 제공한다.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 6.51.11 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-21 at 6.51.32 PM

Due to GWU, foggy bottom area’s median age is 20, which means that most of the residents (maybe everyone) access using mobile! They don’t want to zoom in or out while using their smart phone. Mobile website provides contents that fits on size of mobile devices.

근처에 있는 George Washington University 덕분에, 포기바틈 지역의 평균나이는 20이다. 20대 들은 매일같이..나처럼..휴대폰을 이용하여 웹에 접속한다… 얼마나 짜증나는가..매일같이 글자보려고 줌했다 줌뺐다…. 모바일 웹사이트는 그런 수고를 덜어준다. 모바일에 맞는 크기의 contents를 제공하기 때문!


이사람들아.. 유투브를 써!

Blendtec, a blender manufacturer, increased its awareness and sales through Youtube. It used VERY VERY creative contents!

Blendtec 이라는 믹서기 제조업체는 매우 독창적인 컨탠트로 유투브를 통해 브랜드 인식과 세일을 올렸다!!


This grandpa, CEO of Blendtec, blends I-pad <;

이 웃기게 생긴 고무장갑낀 할아버지가 Blendtec CEO이다…… 아이폰을 갈아버리겠단다….허허

If vendors use Youtube as an advertisement vehicle such as advertising the production process, people who will see the video will trust its products, as people believed Blendtec products will blend EVERYTHING.

시장상인들이 자신들 식품의 제조과정을 유투브에 올린다면, 사람들은 그 식품을 신뢰할것이다! 사람들이 Blendtec 은 다 갈아버릴수 있다고 믿는것 처럼 말이다..


There are millions of internet coupons. Young people, including me, disregard newspaper coupons.. as a SPAM email.

천만개가 넘는 인터넷 쿠폰들이 떠돌아다닌다… 나같은 젊은층 사람들은 절대 뉴스에나와있는 쿠폰을 보지 않는다..스팸취급해버린다.

BUT! internet coupons are different! WE LOVE THE INTERNET COUPONS!

하지만 인터넷 쿠폰은 좀 다르다. 우린 쿠폰을 사랑한다!

line_characters_in_love-11 Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 7.07.03 PM