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11 Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles

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Easy Tomato Sauce

Who here loves tomato sauce? I know I do and being able to create my own healthier version makes me happy! Check this recipe out!



This recipe is so simple and is so much healthier than store bought tomato or marinara sauce. It has way less sodium and no added sugar. Trust me, it makes a difference when you control the ingredients, and the FLAVORS!

1 28 Oz. Can of Crushed Tomatoes

1 Cup of Water

1 Medium Onion (diced)

2 Cloves of Garlic

1/4 Cup of Fresh Basil (rough chopped)

1/4 Tbs of Salt

1/2 Tbs of Italian Seasoning

1 Tbs of Olive Oil (or canola oil)

Warm up the olive oil in a pot or dutch oven over medium heat (I use my beloved dutch oven which I use all the time, it’s my new best friend…weird I know).  Then chop the onion and add to your pot. Cook for about 5 minutes. In the meantime you can sing that song in that commercial that you just can’t get out of your head ;). Once the…

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Squash and Sage Gnocchi with Florentine Sauce {gluten-free; easily vegan}

How delicious does this look?
I will definitely try this recipe for dinner #yummy #cantwait

food to glow

squash gnocchiGnocchi are ridiculously easy to make. Time-consuming, yes, but easy.

To be honest I like a good-quality bought potato gnocchi. Every once in awhile I sling a pack or two in the shopping trolley, knowing I am halfway to a quick meal. Maybe heating up a homemade sauce I have pulled from the freezer to ease my conscience. Or even just tarting up these usually blandly inoffensive little orbs with some butter, sage and chilli.

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Make Smart Choices This Winter!


Its this time of the year when the cold weather makes us feel hungry all the time, making us gain weight. Which is unfortunate for some of us especially, those who are trying to lose or maintain their weight. What tends to happen during the wither is that our bodies try to keep us warm by utilizing the food in our system as a way to keep our body temperature warm, when this tends to happen we tend to get hungry again and eat more. This is not always the case, sometimes we just tend to mistake our boredom or thirst with being hungry. To avoid gaining the extra winter pounds I usually tend to grab a healthy snack, and something warm or hot to drink and/or eat. Trust me this will make you feel warmer. And in order not to gain weight try keep track of your food consumption, drink plenty of water in the winter and look for healthy meals such grilled chicken versus friend chicken, tomato soup instead of clam chowder, and tea instead of hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Stay warm!

Dania Shoukry

Smoothie Lovers?

Sue Harrell is known for doing amazingly delicious smoothies! I recently tired doing my own smoothie following her youtube video and it was a success, it was so GOOD! Its pretty simple and all those of you who are smoothie lovers will absolutely love it. You should try to out!

Dania Shoukry

Tofu X Broccoli

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 11.02.45 PM

Preparation time: 10 minutes /  Cook time: 20 minutes / Serves 4


1. 8 oz. or 250 gram extra film tofu

2. 4 oz. or 100 gram Broccoli

3. 2 oz. or 50 gram shiitake mushroom or any kind of edible mushroom

4. 1/4 Hot pepper or Jalapeño

5. Two tablespoons of finely chopped onion

6.  One teaspoon of finely chopped garlic

7. Two tablespoons of olive oil

8. 1/2 tablespoons of salt and sesame.


1. Boil the broccoli in salt water for 3 mins and cut in edible size.

2. Dice shiitake mushroom or any kind of edible mushroom and Jalapeño

3. Dice tofu 1x1x1 inch and boil it for 2 minutes.

4. Put Olive oil and tofu on fry-pan and fry for 7 minutes

5. Put all other ingredients on the fry and fry for 3 minutes.

Advantages of Tofu

1. A great source of protein! If you are vegan and want to build muscle, eat more Tofu!!

2. Low calories. Diet? Go with Tofu!

3. Stressed out and cannot digest what you ate for lunch? Eat Tofu! Tofu has ample oligosaccharides, which helps your digestion.

 ** Tofu does not contain much of Vitamins. It does not contain Vitamin A,B1, B2, B6 ,C, or E…

Advantages of Broccoli

1. Low Calories again!

2. Want to have a clear face? Stop using Neutrogena! Eat Broccoli! Broccoli contains ample Vitamin A, C, and E! Vitamin C will prevent your face from having troubles!

3. Good source of Calcium and potassium. PROTECT YOUR BORN!

Byeonggwan Lee 

Seaweed Soup


Ingredient: Seaweed 3oz, Brisket, chuck roast or flank 4oz, Water 54oz, ground garlic 0.4oz, one tea spoon of sesame oil, half tea spoon of salt, and two spoons of thick soy sauce.

* You can get Seaweed easily in Asian marts. (At Virginia H-mart, 30oz of seaweed is sold at $5)

1. Put dry seaweed and soy sauce in water for 30 mins

2. Cut brisket, chuck roast or flank by 1*1*1 inch (edible size). put the beef, ground garlic and sesame oil and roast those for 3 mins in a fry pan.

3. Roast seaweed with the beef, ground garlic and sesame oil for 2 mins.

4. Put the seaweed, beef, ground garlic and sesame oil in a pot and boil for 1 hour.

Seaweed is a great source of calcium, potassium, iodine, fibre, omega acids, vitamin B1 & B3. Due to the beneficial nutritions, Korean mother eats seaweed after giving a birth. Koreans eat seaweed soup on one’s birthday.

Iodine relaxes one’s your muscle and lowers one’s blood pressure. Potassium strengthens one’s immunity level.

Byeonggwan Lee

Lemon Water

The good things about drinking lemon water are that this helps improve immune system and hence offer strength, cleanse internal body system, lower inflammation, and helps cure viral infections.




                                                    -Paul Yoon

Pumpkin Season


I bet most of you are excited its pumpkin season, given also that Halloween and Thanksgiving are coming up soon! It’s that time of the year where pumpkins are literally everywhere we go, so why not take advantage of that? Pumpkin is one of the classic decorations for this season, but when cooked, the nutrient benefits are plus alphas!

Pumpkins are:

1) Low calories vegetables. It is rich in dietary fiber, anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins.

2) recommended by dieticians in cholesterol controlling and weight reduction programs.

3) rich source of minerals like copper, calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

4) Great for those who get swollen easily because they eliminate unnecessary water out of the body

Here is a list of some of the classic and festive pumpkin food ideas!

– Pumpkin Pie Shake


– Pumpkin Pie Cake


– Pumpkin Pie Pudding


I hope you are all excited as I am about pumpkin season!

Feel free to leave a comment for more info!

Enjoy your weekend!

By Dania Shoukry